Serving the Underserved - Resident Education

The original curricular guide original curricular guide included 26 topic areas, as well as suggestions for how to organize the residency experience to better educate the residents.

This curricular development project, started by the APA funded in part by MCHB and the Dyson Foundation is creating the material to teach the topic areas. The major focus of our work is developing case based teaching material that is easily transportable from one site to another. We are also creating and or finding supplementary materials that in different settings may or may not be appropriate to use.  Our overall goal is to create materials such that any residency program may use them as an introduction to the issues of providing care for underserved populations. 

For any of you familiar with the Bright Futures cases, the format of these cases will seem very similar.  That formatting was agreed to by both groups before we started, and indeed, you’ll notice some of the cases here are the same as those in the Bright Futures Curriculum, as they were developed jointly.  The two cases that are essentially identical are on Child Abuse and on Sexual Abuse.  The Neglect case differs only in that we have added slides.  The Substance Abuse and Teen Pregnancy cases have some differences in the cases themselves as well as the slide sets.  The Bright Futures cases are available at the pedicases web site.

We are trying to cover most if not all of the areas present in the original guide.  Additional materials, as appropriate are also welcome. 

Completed Material

Ready for pilot testing. Please fill out and return all evaluation materials if you use this material.  Complete evaluation materials for each module are available within the modules themselves.  Generic evaluation materials are also available as are  instructions for using the cases. When downloading materials (especially slides) they may automatically save to your hard drive rather then open into powerpoint (or acrobat).

·  Adolescent Pregnancy/Parenthood

·  Care of the Child with Disabilities

·  Child Abuse

·  Child Neglect

·  Child Sexual Abuse

·  Childhood Nutrition and Malnutrition/FTT

·  Homelessness

·  Rural Health

·  Special considerations for Work With Ethnic Minorities

·  Substance Abuse/Addiction

·  Violence Against Women and Children

Work In Progress

If you'd like to review this material and comment before (or after) release email Ron Samuels

·  HIV Infection

·  The Effect of Poverty on Child Health

·  Health Care Financing

·  Infant Abstinence Syndromes

·  Families

·  Lead Poisoning

Still looking for case writers

If you'd like to participate in creating the materials for one of the following topics contact Dr. Samuels: email Ron Samuels

·  Early Childhood Education/Intervention

·  Migrant Children

·  Violence

·  Poverty and School Performance

·  Runaway youth

·  Law and Legal Issues - Public Policy

·  Native American Children (or other specific ethnic populations)

·  Community Resource Assessment

·  Racial Prejudice

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